Every time you return to the store, you get more

Get to know Vilo Club and find out how you can receive additional discounts, special product sets, limited editions of pre-sale products and participate in competitions for loyal customers of the brand, and then create a free account in the store.

Creating an account takes 30 seconds and gives you the opportunity to receive rewards for making purchases in the store. If you have a DISCOUNT CODE you will immediately receive a 10% discount on your purchases.


  • create a free account using a discount code
  • acceptance of Vilo Club regulations
  • fulfillment of any order
You can also make purchases as a guest, without creating an account.

We reward you for systematic shopping. By shopping for 4 months, you receive free products worth over PLN 650!


  • purchases for 4 months at PLN 450 / month (there may be several orders a month)
Products will always be available for selection at the beginning of a new month as an addition to the basket.

Each order brings you closer to achieving one of three levels in Vilo Club, for which there are unique prizes.


  • Follower: you reach a total of 1.500 PLN in the store at the time of spending
  • Friend: you reach a total of 5.000 PLN in the store when you spend
  • Lover: Reach 12.000 PLN total in store at time of release

As a member of the Vilo Club community, depending on your current level:

  • you receive discounts on single products, sets and entire product ranges
  • you take part in surveys and opinions about new products introduced to the store
  • you take part in competitions in which the prizes are products, trips or visits to aesthetic medicine clinics
  • you have the opportunity to purchase premiere products in pre-sale
  • you receive product samples before they hit the store
  • you have access to dedicated products only for specific levels in Vilo Club

What is the mission of Viloway and products?

We supply products based on scientific research

We create products whose ingredients and their synergies have scientific confirmation, thanks to which we can provide our customers with a product that has a real supporting effect

We cooperate with experts

Experts who understand consumer needs and how ingredients work, participate in the product creation process, and that is why our solutions are the answer to the challenges of women and men in the field of health and beauty

We care about the safety of warehouses and production

Everything we do is checked and approved by independent research institutions, and in the creation process we use the latest equipment on the market because we have our own production park.

We support those most in need

We spend part of the profits on support for people who need it. We cooperate, among others, with the "Budzik" Clinic, a rehabilitation center for children in comas, and Ewa Błaszczyk's "Akogo?" foundation.

We put honesty first

We guard loyalty and trust, which is why the store only offers products from brands that do not use cheap ingredient substitutes. We are fully transparent and make sure that quality really matters.

We provide education for the community

Our team in the field of product compositions, phytotherapy, training, dietetics and physiotherapy conducts meetings for Vilo Club members live and online, and additionally creates content in the Longevity Guide, thanks to which we can build awareness of understanding our own body and improving our lives for the better .

Authors of products and knowledge

Their experience and knowledge guarantee that everything we do is based on solid scientific evidence, thanks to which we are consistent with our idea - creating a path to longevity.

Janusz Wietecha

Krzysztof Kozłowski

Katarzyna Roter

Karolina Stróż